Acer V3-772G upgrade to 32GB RAM

I usually use my hardware 7+ years before a major upgrade or replacement takes place. Therefore I take care when purchasing that is has some upgrade options available, like a socketed CPU, 4 RAM slots, multiple drive bays and parts accessibility.

Here i show you how i upgraded the Acer V3-772G from 16GB (bought with that configuration) to 32GB RAM.

My main reasons for the upgrade:

I wanted to take full advantage of my V3-772G abilities, and RAM isn't that expensive these days.

Laptop Model: Acer V3-772G, BIOS 1.15, running Win10 Pro 64bit. 4 Slots are to be populated, two already occupied with the Acer/Kingston RAM pre-installed in 2x8GB configuration.

Existing: 2 x Kingston ACR16D3LS1KFG/8G DDR3L Non-ECC CL11 SODIMM 1,35V, 204-pin

I choose the below RAM because it is from the same Manufacturer and has the same technical data as the already installed, to minimize possible complications.

Addition: 2x Kingston KVR16LS11/8 DDR3L Non-ECC CL11 SODIMM 1,35V, 204-pin


If you consider upgrading your RAM, check the present RAM first in order to be sure it is working stable. When issues arise after installing the additional RAM, you know that the "old" one is not causing the troubles.

I suggest to use the program called "Memtest86+" or the Windows 10 built in RAM test to fully test the existing RAM and repeat the test with the additional RAM installed.

Check your existing RAM for problems.

Use the program "Memtest86+" to test, or use the Win10 RAM test option.


Install your RAM carefully.

 - Electrostatically discharge yourself before handling the parts.

 - Disconnect power and remove the battery.

 - Open the cover.

 - Insert the modules at about 35 degree into the slot.

 - Push the modules down until the holding clips on both sides snap in place.

 - Close the cover.

 - Reinsert the battery and connect power.



Acer V3-772G 32GB RAM
Acer V3-772G 32GB RAM


Start your Laptop.

On the Acer V3-772G there is no need to enter the BIOS and change settings.

Only the first start needs a little more time due to RAM recognition in the BIOS.

After that, the boot process works as usual.



Check the RAM size by right clicking the Win10 button and selecting System.

Win10 show System
Win10 show System

Win10 System Info
Win10 System Info


Run Memtest86+ or the Win10 RAM Diagnostics to ensure your new installed RAM does not generate issues for any reason.



Enjoy 32GB RAM 🙂

You can use it to:

 -  Create a ultrafast RAM Disk containing your favorite Program or Game 

 -  Run multiple VM's at a time

 -  Handle huge files with your Video, Music or Photo editing Software

HWiNFO64 Memory info
HWiNFO64 Memory info


The new RAM works flawlessly. Although the new RAM Modules are 3 years younger in the manufacturing date, they have the same SPD timings programmed and even the PCB Layout is the same, except the color. Memtest86+ found no errord before and after adding the RAM. I´m happy with it and I can recommend it.