Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse

I was long (re-) searching and browsing the internet for a universal Bluetooth Mouse to use with my Surface Pro 4 because of its limitation in terms of USB ports.

There are a lot of Bluetooth Mouse solutions that come with a proprietary dongle, which occupies one of your available USB ports. I wanted a Mouse which makes use of the built in Bluetooth most of the mobile devices offer anyway. And that is where the available range shrinks.

For me the Mouse makes most sense in conjunction with the Surface Pro 4, or other devices with few USB ports, although you can use such a Mouse for every Bluetooth enabled device.

On the Surface Pro 4 there is only one USB port available. I have the type cover with Touchpad, but i find a mouse much more usable and user friendly.

With only one USB port available:

 -  What if you want to connect a USB HDD ?

 -  What if you want to connect to a USB Printer ?

 -  What if you want to connect a UMTS Dongle when you are overseas and have no WiFi Internet ?

 -  What if you want to use a USB Stick ?

Everyone is able to answer those "What if" questions regarding the USB port by himself... correct, the only one available, if you don't use and carry around a dock, USB port is blocked.

So I decided to try the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse, here's why:


 - It doesn't use up a USB port

 -  It has a little vibration motor to give you feedback when swiping the thumb button

 - You can't forget the receiver in another devices USB port, because it uses no separate receiver

 - You can connect to any nearly any device with Bluetooth, even to my Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.1"

 - Relatively light and small

 - One set of batteries comes with the Mouse

 - The 2 AA alkaline batteries required are for me a Pro and Con

   Pro because you can purchase that type of battery nearly everywhere in the world.

 - Inexpensive, for example when buying from Amazon

 - It makes using the Surface Pro 4 as Laptop replacement more convenient

 - It works without additional drivers direct from the start (to configure the button behaviour install the Microsoft Driver package, which I recommend)


 - 2 AA alkaline batteries required, carry around spare batteries, or you need to purchase some when they get empty

 - Another device to carry around which uses up space when you're limited and adds some weight

 - Only in right handed version available

Here is an example on how to get the MS Sculpt Comfort Mouse connected to your Win10 device:


Go to Settings, Devices

Win10 Settings - Devices
Win10 Settings - Devices


Go to Bluetooth

Here you get a list of already paired devices and devices that can be paired.

If your Bluetooth is not switched on, switch it on. 

Win 10 Bluetooth settings
Win 10 Bluetooth settings


Switch the Mouse on, then press and hold the Bluetooth button on the bottom of the mouse until the LED indicator nearby the cover release button blinks green and red.

Now your Mouse is discoverable and you should see it in the devices list to be paired.


Mouse Blink
Mouse Blink

MS Sculpt Comfort Mouse bottom view
MS Sculpt Comfort Mouse bottom view


Pair the Mouse by highlighting the discovered Mouse and click on Pair.

Win10 BT Mouse Pairing
Win10 BT Mouse Pairing


During the pairing process you can use the mouse already.

When it's finished, Win10 will display the Mouse as Connected.

Win10 BT Mouse connected
Win10 BT Mouse connected


Install the Keyboard and Mouse Driver for your Operating System to take full advantage of the Mouse.

I suggest to always download the newest version from the Microsoft Homepage.


Win10 MS Mouse Driver
Win10 MS Mouse Driver



I love that Mouse. It works really good with the Surface Pro 4, even with my Laptops where i upgraded to the Intel 7260 AC WiFi with BT4.0.

On Win7 Pro 64bit, I experienced some troubles with the Mouse not waking up after 15 to 25 minutes of not using it and it apparently went into sleep mode. Then i had to switch the Mouse off and on again. That didn't happen on Win10.

I'm totally satisfied with the performance, the look and feel is good, but depends heavily on everyone's personal preferences.

I can recommend it. Go get it. 

MS Sculpt Comfort Mouse
MS Sculpt Comfort Mouse

MS Sculpt Comfort Mouse open
MS Sculpt Comfort Mouse open

MS Sculpt Comfort Mouse open
MS Sculpt Comfort Mouse open

Surface Pro 4 & MS Mouse
Surface Pro 4 & MS Mouse