Why I use Hostgator as Hosting provider

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Hello together,

there is a reason why so many people already choose Hostgator as Hosting provider.


They are specialists in Hosting, and really know what they are doing.

 -    99.9% uptime guarantee, that is what you really want as a website owner
 -    The 24/7/365 Live Chat support is very good from my own experience
 -    1-Click Scripts Install (e.g. WordPress)
 -    45 Day Money Back Guarantee

I really like to use specialists with good reputation and service for essential type services who know what they are doing and provide good support.

But as i wrote, i use Hostgator for Hosting only. I get my Domain Names from Namecheap, which are the Registrar Specialists for Domain Names.

If I get upset with any of the companies, it is easier to swap to another service provider when you don't have all services tied to one provider.

They may not be the cheapest on the market but that is secondary when you want your website or sites being up and running 24/7  with good service in case you need it. And everyone needs service from time to time.

That’s why I choose and still use the Hostgator Baby Plan on which this website is running:

I wanted to run a simple WordPress Website, with easy WordPress installation. But didn't want to limit me to the future addition of Domain names to that plan.


 -    The Baby Plan is good for starting out ( unlimited Domains )
 -    Save money with coupons
 -    45 Days Money Back Guarantee
 -    Good live chat support, which i used a couple of times now and they were helpful ( I'm located outside the US within another timezone )


 -   They try to upsell stuff ( which you probably don't need from the start )

From my point of view as a current Hostgator user / customer, I can recommend the Baby Plan for Website starters.

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